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California Nursery Historic Park Tree Inventory

Tree Survey and Identification
Boy Scout Troop 143
Fremont, California
Mission Peak District
San Francisco Bay Area Council

In the summer of 2006, members of Boy Scout Troop 143 surveyed and identified trees within the California Nursery Historic Park in Fremont California. The Troop identified 412 individual trees comprising 112 different species. In addition to identifying the trees, they also secured ID tags to a majority of the mature trees present. This is an important civic project that would not have been accomplished without the time, intelligence and effort of the Scouts.

The following map is based upon Troop 143 findings, and follow up by members of the California Nursery Company Legacy Council. Palm trees are marked in orange, Conifers in green, Flowering trees in purple, and Other trees in red. Moving the mouse over any of the markers will reveal the tree's name. Clicking on a marker will bring up a more detailed pictorial map of the trees surrounding your selection.

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California Nursery Company tree inventory map

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