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Eriobotrya japonica

Location: 470 School Street
District: Niles
Native to: Asia
Tree type: flowering
Leaf retention: evergreen

Comments: Evergreen broadleaf native to China but cultivated early in Japan and elsewhere. Has large dark green lanceolate leaves, creamy flowers and yellow fruit. Leaf has prominent veins and the underside is brown and furry. Fruit taste is somewhat like an apricot. Fruit has large seeds which easily separate from the fruit's flesh. Large bush to small tree with height somewhere around 25' max. There are numerous cultivars of this plant.

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NOTICE: This specimen is located on private property.  DO NOT TRESPASS!  No right to enter private property to view the specimen tree is granted by the Roadside Arboretum.  To prevent the transfer of disease and other considerations, do not touch or take samples from the specimen tree or any other plants on the property.

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