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Citrus limon

Location: Canyon Heights
District: Niles
Native to: Asia
Tree type: flowering
Leaf retention: evergreen

Comments: Broadleaf evergreen flowering tree native to Southern Asia. Cultivated since early times the lemon along with the orange arrived in California with the Spanish padres. Juvenile leaves are often purple, but turn a dark green when mature. Petiole of the lemon leaf does not have leaf wings or extenisons as do most of the other citrus species. This species grows slowly, and seldom becomes very tall, but routine pruning for shape is necessary.

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NOTICE: This specimen is located on private property.  DO NOT TRESPASS!  No right to enter private property to view the specimen tree is granted by the Roadside Arboretum.  To prevent the transfer of disease and other considerations, do not touch or take samples from the specimen tree or any other plants on the property.

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