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Japanese Zelkova
Zelkova serrata

Location: 36501 Niles Blvd.
Park: California Nursery Historical Park
District: Niles
Native to: Asia
Tree type: flowering
Leaf retention: deciduous

Comments: Broadleaf deciduous tree native to Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Member of the Ulmaceae family (Elms) and shares many characteristics with the American Elm and the Chinese Elm. Ovate 2" leaves with serrated edges that redden in the Fall and scaly light gray bark that peals off to expose an orange under coat. Broad spreading tree with a mature height of 50' to 60'.
Champion Tree--This is the largest tree of this species in the state. This specimen has been nominated for State Champion status by Nelson Kirk.

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To prevent the transfer of disease and other considerations, do not touch or take samples from the specimen tree or any other plants on the property.

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