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Naval Orange
Citrus sinensis

Location: 375 School Street
District: Niles
Native to: Asia
Tree type: flowering
Leaf retention: evergreen

Comments: Evergreen broadleaf from Southeast Asia and India. Dark glossy green ovate leaves with small wing-like extensions to the stem, gray bark, creamy white flowers and orange colored fruit. Species brought to California in the 1770's by the Spanish Missionaries. Numerous trees throughout Washington Township and one of the nation's premier citrus growers is located in Mission San Jose, but the area is too far north for commercial orange growing. The orange is believed to be a cross between a pomelo (Citrus maxima) and a tangerine (C. reticulata).

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NOTICE: This specimen is located on private property.  DO NOT TRESPASS!  No right to enter private property to view the specimen tree is granted by the Roadside Arboretum.  To prevent the transfer of disease and other considerations, do not touch or take samples from the specimen tree or any other plants on the property.

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Illustration by Hugh Danaher