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About Bill Merrill

I have been in the garden since my mother brought me there as a child. I am a life long student of horticulture in the landscape, the university and wild places around this planet. It is from nature itself that I draw my inspiration and understanding. It is in the garden that I put to practice what I learn while walking the natural world.

I see in Californiaís mountain meadows, Redwood forests and coastal plant communities a perfect balance that requires no gardener to maintain their order. Nature's perfect use of energy stands in opposition to the chemicals, fertilizers and wasteful water use that are required to maintain our home landscapes.

My life has been based on the philosophy of joining our homes and gardens to the natural energy of the universe. My garden designs are the reflection of this inspiration.

My background includes experience that is difficult to find in most garden service.

40 years experience as an ornamental grower, food gardener and orchard keeper.

15 years as manager of Navletís Nursery in Fremont.

15 years as customer service for Bay Area gardeners, Iím the guy the landscapers came to if they had a problem.

I am a California Certified Nurseryman.

I have 20 years experience as an organic farmer.

I hold a California Nursery License as a tree farmer.

I am a life long student of horticulture with an AA in Business Management.

I am a lover of and traveler to those places that no gardener dare turn a spade. The wilderness is the best teacher I have.