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California Fusion-scape

The creation of landscapes involving plants from around the world is a California tradition. Plants from Australia, South Africa, Chile and the Mediterranean region do especially well here because of their similar climate requirements. This fusion of diverse species yields a landscape with plenty of color, texture and vibrancy that is unique to California.

Like natural plant communities my garden designs are self stabilizing. They require little maintenance and even less water, fertilizer or pest control. They exclude weeds once established, are self mulching and require little trimming.

This may sound like quite a claim until you consider that my designs us basic principles of natural plant communities. Natural communities generally thrive without leaf blowers, chemical fertilizers and irrigation. Long before the term Carbon Neutral became trendy natural plant communities where building soil by sequestering carbon as humus and leaf mold. The permaculture principles used in fusionscaping sequester carbon in exactly the same way.

During the 20th century we developed a belief system that told us science could improve on what nature had done. The detectable results of thinking we could improve on nature were water pollution, soil erosion and ecological destruction. Genetic engineering may be the current result of this belief system trying to prove it is still valid. Until we actually understand how nature works and can duplicate the results we can never improve on it. My gardening philosophy is based on the observable principles of the natural world and functions on the dynamic energy that brought life to our Earth. I create modern landscapes that function on ancient energy for the 21st century.