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Landscape Management Services

Suppose you already have a garden service and the man comes once per week. He mows the lawn, clips the shrubs into little balls and makes a bunch of noise with the leaf blower. Maybe the landscape design is pleasing and you donít want to redo everything but things arenít right out in the garden. The sprinklers are coming on but donít cover the ground properly, trees flower but don't provide fruit, or the lawn is mown but it doesnít look like itís growing well, you need landscape management.

If you think the plants have insects and fungus but the gardener doesnít know how to cure the problem, you need a landscape manager.

Did someone in your family, who isnít around anymore, take care of the garden for you? If you try to get help from the people at the chain store nurseries but they canít understand what you need, then you probably need a landscape manager.

Landscape management is the organized thought process in your garden. A manager has the experience in the garden to know what problems to look for, when to look for them and where. A manager can tell if the people working in your yard are doing their jobs properly and correct the issues for you.

If everything in your yard is clipped into little balls, if your trees have been topped or cut to stubs, or if plants seem to mysteriously die you could really use a manager in your landscape.

Most landscapes only require a visit from a manager once a month or so after they are dialed in. I have a long history of managing commercial landscapes for Navletís Garden Center supported by an AA Degree in Business Supervision Management.

Take a load off your mind and let me worry about the garden for you.

Contact Information

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Address: 37083 Holly St.
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